20 March, 2018

Be different, create shade and shelter and make it look good!

If you want to really make a statement and have a structure in your garden that looks modern and practical, we can design and advise on this. The framework for a shade solution can be made in steel, wood or carbon fibre. The frames can be designed to fit into and around existing features for […]

20 March, 2018

Choosing the right shade for your garden

Designing the right shade for your garden is all about using the right colours, materials, shapes, and fittings to do the job. There are many designs that could fit into a garden, but this one was chosen to divide the patio area up so as to provide some shelter from the sun without being overbearing […]

14 March, 2018

Simple up and down shades

Shade sails can be designed around your requirements and the available space. There are a great number of options available. Some shades can be small and simple, designed just to keep the sun off in the afternoons or perhaps change the mood of a space from open and exposed, to comforting and warm. The shade […]

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