20 March, 2018

Choosing the right shade for your garden

Designing the right shade for your garden is all about using the right colours, materials, shapes, and fittings to do the job. There are many designs that could fit into a garden, but this one was chosen to divide the patio area up so as to provide some shelter from the sun without being overbearing and too enclosing. The colour of the material is designed to fit in with the garden, as are the simple but neat fittings to attach the three corners of the triangle. The shade also lets a little bit of light through, as if it blocked out the sun entirely, it would change the feel of the garden completely.

With shade sail projects, some are simple and others require more thought to make the use of the shade work within the available space. The shade is often there to protect from the sun, but can also be waterproof, semi-permanent and made to look nice!

If you are thinking of having one, or multiple shades in your garden, why not get in touch and we can provide more information. Our email is chris@creationshades.com or phone on 07910291507

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