Fitting your new shade

Your new shade sail can be fitted by loosening off any turnbuckles before securing the corners of the shade to them. The next step is to carefully tighten each corner in turn until the shade is pulled taught with most or all of the creases removed. If using a temporary system with pulley blocks and cleats, this will be quick and easy. If you are using turnbuckles, they can be fastened in place with the locking nuts.

Fitting a shade sail is a simple process as long as there are appropriate structures in place to support the material. The structures can be posts or poles with the base buried in the ground. Other potential structures are frames, larger trees and existing buildings. Please note that if you wish to secure a shade to your house, advice must be taken from a builder to ensure that high winds do not cause damage.

Installing structures

Creation Shade sails can offer a service to supply and fit posts to a recommended size. They can be made from steel or wood and will be expertly secured into the ground. More information is available and we can offer a design service as well. If you would like to install your own posts, we can give advise on this.

Measurement form

A measurement form is available by contacting us.

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